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Thoughts about the end of our days arouse in each of us a feeling of discomfort. In contrast, dreams of an extended and happy family flood us with feelings of happiness and contentment. The Corona era brought with it a frequently changing reality, and a much more controlled view of reality.

Since we consider ourselves active partners in your success, it is important for us to remind you to act responsibly 
and make sure to make a will. Help us secure your future, protect your property in every aspect and continue to grow calmly.

We recommend making the will in good health and legal capacity to avoid property struggles and disputes


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* Will editors during the month of December will be given a 10% discount
Several reasons for the situations

Several reasons for situations in which we highly recommend
make a will:

Properties, businesses and company owners


  • In the case of assets of monetary or sentimental value and when You are the owner of a business / company for which you have worked all your life, without clear instructions in the will this may cause property struggles and disputes in the family.

mutual will


  • In the case where spouses wish to take care of each other, but at the same time ensure that their property passes to their shared children.

balance between heirs


  • If one of your children has already received  If you have greater financial assistance or more assets than the other children, it is recommended to balance the distribution of assets in the will according to your wishes and not equally as stipulated by the inheritance law.

separated and in divorce proceedings


  • It should be taken into account that in such a case, if you did not make a will, the formal spouse will inherit half of your property.

are known to the public


  • In such a case, in the absence of a will, a legal dispute may arise in the future in relation to the status of the well-known in the public and his rights or in relation to the share of the children (from a first or second marriage).

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Pensioners living on the edge?Enjoy and remember to make a will...

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