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Accompanying companies

The legal envelope

Law firm - Laor & Co. - high rise building

In the complex and fast-paced business reality in which many companies operate, the need for broad legal support in a variety of civil and commercial fields arises.

The firm provides many companies in the Israeli industry with a legal envelope

full and wide. The shell consists of 5 professional departments that provide together

A perfect legal solution and actually constitute a legal department.

The firm has the tools and experience in ongoing representation in all legal issues required for business management

in the existing business reality. Starting with ongoing support in labor law that includes representation

In the labor courts and the various tribunals dealing with the issue, continue to accompany and represent

Legal in business disputes and harmful events, in collection and execution and all

In establishing basic documents in the company.

We are constantly working shoulder to shoulder with the companies in the business arena, and therefore

Understand the legal needs that arise in real time. as businessmen and lenders

of many companies we are committed to providing fast, professional and thorough service and thus

Allow the business to grow and succeed.


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