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The team

Law firm - Laor & Co. - Racing car
  Laor & Co. Law Firm - Adv. Aviad Soliman - Partner
Adv. Aviad Soliman

managing partner

Laor & Co. law firm - Adv. Aviad Reichman - partner
Adv. Aviad Reichman

managing partner

Yaacov Laor - co-founder - Laor & Co. law firm
Adv. Yaakov Laor

Founding partner

We see the firm's team as a key factor in its success. Almost everyone has promotion, apprenticeship, control, professional-legal and personal-administrative tracks. 

We provide them with a dynamic, pleasant, adequate and responsible employment environment.

In Laur, one lawyer is accepted for every 15 job interviews. We have set a bar to accept only outstanding people, and this is a basic condition for acceptance into the firm.

Those who have the right and appropriate value base to work in a growing, fast, progressive and groundbreaking firm. 

We have set a goal according to which every department manager will have a doctorate in law. And we are on the way (!!).

The firm strives to create a balance between the interests of the staff and the good of the firm and its clients while maintaining fair dealing and encouraging excellence.

We are proud and excited to present to you on the attached page the complete legal team

and our great headquarters

 the team of lawyers 

   the headquarters team   

the team our

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