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Accompanying companies

Litigation Department

The litigation department at Laur deals with all types of litigation and represents individuals and business entities before courts and arbitrators.

The department deals with commercial and civil litigation, internal disputes in companies, representation of directors, officers and controlling shareholders, breach of agreements and disputes between different parties.


In addition, the department has extensive experience in representation in the field of billing enforcement

and the financial arrangements.


The department conducts itself before all legal courts and various authorities. We represent companies, corporations, and individuals in complex commercial disputes, disputes regarding real estate rights, representation of petitioners in administrative petitions (including tender matters), financial disputes of all kinds and more.


As those who believe in building bridges and not in creating chasms, we represent clients in various mediation procedures and conflict resolution as well as focusing on preventing future conflicts.

We provide the firm's clients with consultations before potential disputes, a joint examination of chance/risk, and more.

The litigation department in our office has experience, knowledge and a high ability to deal with cases all over civil litigation in Israel.

The combination of an excellent professional level, many years of experience, specialization in many legal fields and deep familiarity with the various courts resulted in recognition of the department's qualities among its clients, in the professional circles and in the various professional ratings.

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