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Accompanying companies

commercial department

As a multidisciplinary commercial law firm,  We provide our clients with a full range of legal services, including a regular commercial set-up for companies in their day-to-day operations.


As part of this system, you will receive regular legal advice adapted to the needs of the company and products related to various commercial agreements.

The commercial department accompanies its clients in drafting all types of commercial contracts related to the business activities of companies and businesses, building a legal framework for agreements, including distribution and marketing agreements, agreements for the provision of services,

Loan agreements, franchise agreements, brokerage agreements, construction work agreements, subcontracting agreements, cooperation agreements and more.


Also adjusting the client opening form while providing instructions related to the company's commercial conduct, including obtaining collateral, all in order to reduce the risks associated with company management and business activity.


The commercial department in our offices will be responsible for registering the companies you own in the company registry, opening new companies, drafting founders' agreements and agreements for the sale of shares / activity, correcting and making entries in the company registry, and accompanying and handling the voluntary liquidation of a company.


The commercial department will establish basic documents in your company that will accompany the company throughout the years in security and peace.

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