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Accompanying companies

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Accompanying companies

tort department

The field of tort claims requires rich experience and special specialization, and the ability to correctly assess both the chances of a claim and the "financial value" of a victim's damages. The assessment of damage and its quantification to a monetary amount is a special legal expertise, which requires many years of experience and great knowledge in the field.


Among other things, our firm serves as a leading representative of those companies in matters of principle such as third party claims, insurance claims, local authorities, personal accidents and claims for road accidents. The department deals with all areas of insurance, property damage, fires, personal injuries, professional liability, work accidents, employers' liability and provides its services to plaintiffs and defendants alike.


It is worth noting that as part of the department's activities, the attorneys at the firm have acquired unique specializations that provide a substantial advantage to our clients. Among them, you were able to study the details of each case in depth while understanding its professional aspects and this as part of a strategic approach,

Fresh and creative.


The department provides legal advice for ongoing risk management and claims prevention as part of the complete and complete envelope of services that our clients receive under one roof.

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