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Accompanying companies

Collection and execution department

The collection department in Leor specializes in managing procedures against debtors, while providing creative and quick solutions to increase the chances of actual collection. As part of the department, cases of receiverships, takeovers of companies, bankruptcies, banking and debt settlements are handled.


The firm conducts fast and aggressive foreclosure procedures while adhering to the customary and accepted rules.


The cooperation between the departments in the firm (real estate - litigation - collection) constitutes a significant added value in this type of procedure.


Our Ministry of the Interior states that the most effective and fastest way to collect mandatory debts is not only legal activity in court and execution, but especially direct contact with the debtors and building a procedural concept with the debtor. Therefore, part of the service provided within the legal envelope allows for preliminary collection, before opening legal cases, a matter that saves time , fees and unnecessary expenses.

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