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Department of Urban Renewal

As part of understanding the market in recent years and following a significant growth in the volume of transactions in the field of urban renewal handled by our offices, a dedicated department was established that specializes in transactions of the urban renewal type in all its aspects.


Our office currently accompanies dozens of projects in the field of urban renewal and represents both entrepreneurs in TAMA 38 and Pinoy Binui projects as well as tenants in projects of the above type in accordance with the guidelines updated from time to time by the Urban Renewal Authority.


The extensive experience that the firm gained during the projects allows our clients to benefit from a wide range of advice and support in the field of urban renewal. All this starting from the early planning phase, assistance in choosing the entrepreneurs, participation in negotiations and the preparation of the engagement agreements and the accompanying documents required to be signed between the rights holders and the entrepreneur.


In urban renewal projects, entrepreneurs and apartment owners embark on a long and tiring journey. In this journey, the parties find themselves in many legal dilemmas.


exists  It is of utmost importance to manage the procedure through a lawyer who specializes in the field of urban renewal and is familiar with the ins and outs of real estate law. The legal accompaniment is long-term and contains many aspects of the legal world and customary commercial complexes

in projects of this type. 

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