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Real estate

Private client representation department

The sale or purchase of residential apartments is one of the most common real estate transactions in Israel. Despite the high frequency of such transactions, it is important to remember that this is the most expensive and significant financial decision in the lives of most people, and therefore the assistance of a professional lawyer is essential.


The lawyer's role in private real estate transactions begins long before the signing

on the sales contract. But already from carrying out tests before choosing the relevant property, through the decision on the financing route for the apartment to the stage of registering the buyer's rights with the authorities.


Long before a real estate transaction starts and is signed, there is a procedure that is carried out with the help of a real estate lawyer to make sure that it is an apartment that meets all the needs of the future buyer. 


Whether it is a purchase of a completely new apartment, directly from the contractor, or whether the buyer is interested in a second-hand apartment, it is worthwhile to thoroughly check the characteristics of the apartment from every aspect, including legal, taxation and planning aspects.

The lawyer's role is not limited to dealing with the bureaucracy and the various forms, but is a significant figure in the purchase process and the various tests that must be performed, while promoting the interests of the buyer or the seller respectively.


Transactions of sale or purchase of second-hand real estate are seen as relatively simple transactions. At the same time, only the accompaniment of an expert lawyer in the field, starting from the testing stage, continuing to the stage of drafting the legal negotiations and formulating the agreement, and ending with the settlement and completion of the registration, can save heartache a lot

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