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Business Licensing Department

As part of the company accompaniment provided by the firm and the understanding of the business needs of our clients, we also offer companies and businesses legal services in the field of business licensing.

In the planning reality that exists in Israel, every entrepreneur and businessman knows that the task of obtaining a business license from the Authority and overcoming the bureaucratic tangle is not an easy task. The firm has extensive experience and understanding of business needs both from the legal needs concerning a business license and from the planning and business aspects.

We accompany businesses already at the entrepreneurship stage with the help of professionals in the fields of planning, in order to characterize and check the location of the business and its suitability to the goals of its activity, as well as to check the requirements for opening the business with the authorities so that the path to the relevant business license will be as quick as possible, while saving a lot of time and resources.

In addition, and to the extent that this is necessary in the future, the business licensing department has extensive experience in managing complex litigation procedures concerning indictments that have been filed against businesses in the various courts throughout Israel.

In these complex situations, we work to minimize the criminal exposure of the business and its managers, while managing a legal strategy and a strategy of negotiation with all parties, along with the criminal procedure, which will bring the business to the best solution and to the safe haven of a legitimate business license.

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