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Labor and Employment Law


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Labor Law Department

The field of labor law is complex and dynamic.

The labor law department is one of the largest departments in the office and is regularly ranked

In the first places in the Duns index. 

The department offers our clients targeted legal advice  and helps employers create continuous working relationships while supporting the livelihood of their employees and their working conditions as well as improving their professional development. 

Our services cover a wide range of topics from the field of labor law and in fact the firm provides its clients with a "total package" and accompanies them starting from the stage of the process of accepting employees to the workplace while accompanying the daily activities of the employers by providing answers to all issues related to the employment of employees.

The field of labor law defines the system of duties and rights of employees and employers by virtue of the law, collective agreements, individual agreements and the rulings of the labor courts and the national court.

The uniqueness of this field is emphasized by the existence of a separate legal system, as well as in branch protective legislation and other regulatory arrangements, in various fields in the world of collective and individual work, and social security law.

It is a branched system that includes regulations, expansion orders, collective agreements and arrangements, and a lot of rulings. 

This uniqueness, as well as the scope of the issues and the many regulations, require specialization and professionalism in this field.

  •  Ongoing consultation in the field of labor relations

  •   Placement of advance protection and risk management

  •  Elaboration of employment contracts

  •   Managing procedures in the workplace (crisis resolution)

  •   Preparation of confidentiality agreements and restriction of competition

  •   Management of labor disputes, assistance in hearing and dismissal procedures

  •  Representation of employers in labor courts, employment committees, arbitration meetings and mediations

The labor law department is one of the largest departments in our office and manages many cases that stand out in their importance.
gives its customers Ongoing legal advice in the field of labor law and labor relations,
which includes, among other things:
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