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Real estate

Entrepreneurship department

The real estate department of the firm deals with all areas of real estate, entrepreneurship, planning, development, construction and marketing of all types of projects. 

The real estate department of the firm advises entrepreneurs and companies from the real estate sector, industrial companies, government companies, franchisees of real estate projects, private clients, Israeli companies and/or entrepreneurs investing in real estate and other companies that need legal advice and guidance on issues related to real estate.  

As part of the ongoing support of the department's clients, the firm is involved  Usually with the legal accompaniment of all procedures related to planning  and the establishment of the project, starting from the planning stage of approving outline plans and construction permit expenses, through financing the project, building it, marketing it (selling it or renting it), receiving the approvals required for its completion

and including the registration of the project. Likewise, within this framework, the department is involved in negotiations with third parties, including landowners, contractors, local authorities, planning institutions, and more.

Among other things, the real estate department of the office handles the following issues:

  • Legal support of real estate transactions of all types, incl Combination transactions, sale and purchase transactions, transactions Rent, eviction-construction transactions, purchase groups and more.

  • Legal support of entrepreneurs in everything related to the establishment and marketing of commercial and/or office and/or residential projects, in all aspects the legal related to the aforementioned projects, starting with the purchase of  The rights in the land until the registration of the condominium. 

  • Legal support in matters of planning and construction as part of transactions or as part of accompanying clients or projects, as well as representing Clients before planning institutions, appeal committees and administrative petitions.

  • Carrying out legal due diligence of real estate assets within the framework Legal support for company purchase transactions.

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