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Laor Law Firm is a dynamic firm that combines

Excellence, professionalism, creativity, determination and integrity

Along with groundbreaking legal innovation! 


 The firm

We believe that reliability, integrity, creativity and professionalism are the basis for obtaining the best results for our clients. 

We are a dynamic and creative firm that challenges the known legal methods, by focusing on each and every client, listening to their needs and providing forward-looking solutions.

The team applies the value of equality in practice, and forms multifaceted teams in order to achieve the best achievements for our clients.

Professional excellence, excellent service and success are the metrics by which the firm is measured.

The firm's significant growth rate results in a unique combination of dynamism, creativity and assertiveness on the one hand, and professional excellence, extensive knowledge and legal achievements on the other. Year after year Prima is ranked among the top ten boutique offices in the country.


Adv. Aviad Soliman


Phone: 123-456-7890

Adv. Aviad Reichman


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Adv. Yaakov Laur


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     our services   

extra services
  • Family

  • Inheritance

  • Wills

  • Bequests

Real estate
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Property Management

  • urban renewal

  • Representation of private clients

Accompanying companies
  • litigation

  • Labor and Employment Law

  • damages

  • Collection and execution

  • commercial


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Litigation Department Has expertise in business disputes in courts

The different legalities.  

A commercial department provides ongoing advice to companies, establishes 

basic documents in the company and enables diversified business activity, 

protected and normal.

tort department Speed of action and result which deals with 

The surprising challenges that arise in a company's life.

In addition, Belor has a discreet and professional estate management department 

which allows to plan ahead with sensitivity and a broad perspective.

The professional departments and the great team formed allow us 

To provide our clients with full legal services

They are required.

The success of the firm is in the formation of a great group of people

With similar DNA, quick thinking and execution, humane, reliable and committed

To achieve an optimal result for the client in every meeting.

On this website we have chosen to present you in a concise and concentrated way

The variety of options available in Laur, the various departments 

in the firm and our workers over the years.

Our ambition is to act for the prosperity and well-being of people,

Businesses and communities whose benefit and promotion of their affairs are served

For us as a real driving force.

Since its establishment, the firm has placed a variety of treatment options in the fields of 

Civil law and in the field of real estate. 


Along with its growth, the areas of expertise in the firm expanded as well as 

The level of professionalism in each of the fields was deepened. Today, they are working

The firm has professional departments that are at the cutting edge of their field

and which reap results, recognition and awards. 

Real estate departmentHas a lot of experience, accompanies entrepreneurs, buyers  and sellers

in dozens of transactions every month and provides service and personal accompaniment

and professional for both private customers and entrepreneurial companies that sell

Hundreds of housing units every year. 

The firm provides ongoing legal support to hundreds of companies from the industry 

the Israeli through five professional departments.


Labor Law Department With extensive accumulated experience in representing employers, 

which appears hundreds of times every year at the Labor Court and grants

Silence in this complex field for many companies. 

Collection and Execution Department  which makes use of tools

Advanced technologies in order to use the full potential 

Collection by our customers.  

    Office staff    




Phone: 123-456-7890




Phone: 123-456-7890




Phone: 123-456-7890

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