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Information security and technology

We live in a time of many online dangers. Hacking occurs every day and endangers the current business activity.

We at Leor consider information security a matter of central importance and invest many resources, technological and human, to keep About the client's privacy and the confidentiality of the legal and financial information we have, using advanced security methods.

In our office there are dozens of computer stations connected to the network, while complying with the ISSA information security standard set by the Bar Association. 

The system optimizes the work and enables speed and accuracy while receiving current data, at any moment, regarding every detail treated by it. 

These systems and other systems allow our office to make complex and customized reports, on-line queries, reminders, alerts and more. There is also a process engine that monitors and analyzes the activity at any given moment and automatically without human contact. 

The systems include, among other things, unique developments and specific applications that were developed and adapted especially to the needs of our office

and our customers, all in order to give the various departments complete control at minimum costs over all the various required operations.

Our office is equipped with the most advanced NT servers, SQL servers and 365 servers available. and in a virus protection system

and in the most advanced Fire Wall system in the world. 

All of these maintain system stability and information security.

In our office, a comprehensive series of tests was conducted by the ITCARE company to determine the network security procedures and we even passed an external audit conducted in our office regarding firewall and information management.

All the information we have is backed up in real time during the day, as well as thoroughly at night, and we make sure to keep this information in more than one geographical point. It should be noted that our office has a DRP/BCP disaster work procedure.

The firm aims to be a pioneer and a leader in everything related to encouraging technologies in an industry that is considered traditional and within this 

Development of technological tools from advanced methodologies to create value for the benefit of our customers. We constantly improve the necessary up-to-dateness with technological means and despite the challenges, we break a significant path that enables peak performance with minimal resources.


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